Opinions are like asses. Everyone has one, and they all stink.

This is what my mother used to tell me. I know it’s crass, but after the conversations I had this week I realized that it is SO TRUE. I learned that you don’t talk about politics in social settings because someone gets their feelings hurt, someone else gets angry, someone else gets defensive… and seriously people, why argue with each other? You’re not going to talk me out of my political beliefs, and I’m not going to talk you out of yours. And if we can’t be mature enough to listen to each other’s views with an open mind, I feel like we should just learn to disagree and be ok with it. That said, I have decided to exploit my personal blog where no one can bicker with me, and say something that is probably going to shock many of you even though I think that’s silly. However, it’s important that I clear this up once and for all.

I am a Christian, and I am a democrat.

I’m not a democrat because it’s the cool thing to be; I am a democrat because I tested myself with several tests (go here to find out what YOU truly are) and each time those tester guys told me so, and I BELIEVE THEM OK!? And I’m not a Christian because I grew up in the Bible Belt and that’s how I was raised; I am a Christian because the Lord loved me when I was unlovable, pursued me with passion, held me together when I was suicidal, and gave me joy that I never thought possible. I am a different person because of Him, and believe me, you wouldn’t like the old me. AND because I believe that Christ was a flaming liberal and turned people’s belief systems and world views upside down, and I feel that’s so what this demented world needs. (Don’t believe me? Go to foxnews.com and read those headlines. If you aren’t sickened by what you see then there is NO HOPE FOR YOU and you should just stop reading my blog.)

I am voting for Obama. One reason is because I believe that if we elect McCain, then why not just keep Bush in office for another four years, and WHO WANTS THAT? I am not saying I am right or wrong; I am simply stating my own personal OPINION, one that I have thought about and yes, even prayed about. I realize that generally my outlook on life is too liberal for my Christian friends, and too Christian for my liberal friends, and guess what? I am ok with that, even if my friends are not. I promise that I won’t judge you, so PLEASE don’t judge me. Please just have your own opinions and I will have mine, and we can all pull a John Lennon and “give peace a chance.” (I heard that song on the radio Sunday morning and therefore I woke up happy, obviously.) Ok?

Here is something else I learned over the weekend: NEVER, under ANY circumstances, eat enchiladas when you’ve had only 5 cups of coffee to eat all day. If you do, you will be re-enacting those Imodium AD commercials where the guy is talking to some chicks in a hot tub and suddenly he has to get up and run to the bathroom. (Except, in my case, minus the chicks and the hot tub, and plus some fully clothed friends.) And just like no one likes McCain, NO ONE likes diarrhea. (KIDDING!)

3 comments on “Opinions are like asses. Everyone has one, and they all stink.

  1. Hannah says:

    Meggie, I could NOT possibly AGREE with you more. . .and I would love you and respect your opinion even if I didn’t agree with it. Bold post. Give yourself a high-five for me.

  2. Lauren says:

    I second it! Even here, with all the smart, often liberal ex-pats, I’ve been in some pretty asinine discussions. And I’m tired of hearing the conservatives=prolife angle…It’s 1) not always true and 2) there’s more than one fish to fry.

    Do I get the other high-five?

  3. Lauren O. says:

    Thanks for the opinion, Meggie. Love it. Also, check out this site
    Christians who aren’t Republicans… what a thought!

    All I know is that I want to be Kingdom minded. I don’t really consider myself a Republican or a Democrat, but I know I definitely agree with the Democrat position waaaay more than the Republican.

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